Sit on a small chair along Saigon pavement and enjoy a dish of broken rice will be one of the best experience you can find here.

Vietnamese Broken rice (a.k.a. Com Tam) is a traditional dish in the South of Vietnam, especially in Saigon. It was served as breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Tam refers to the broken rice grains, while cơm refers to cooked rice. The farmers used to have Com Tam thanks its cheap price, the grains are left-over during drying and milling process.
A dish of Broken Rice includes pork chops , shredded pork skin, steamed pork and egg patty , a sunny side up fried egg placed over cooked broken rice. Then spring onions which are fried in hot oil will be sprinkled on top of the dish.Another essential part that makes up the dish is dipping sauce, a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, lime and chili.
If you want to enjoy a “really good” Broken rice, don’t hesitate to pass the Restaurants of Com tam such as Com tam Cali , Com tam Moc, Com tam Thuan Kieu restaurant or any local street food store you can find along your way.


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