Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, with an S shape stretching along the East Sea. Tourists are wishing to discover a country that have the traditional and modern features. With 54 ethnic groups and many cultural features and specialties, you will have the opportunity to discover a lot of exciting and new experiences from the friendly Vietnamese people. Welcome to our country.

Talking about Vietnam and its people

Sky Travel offers to travelers an extremely new journey of an attractive land. We always want to send international friends the message of a peaceful and stable country that has a culture of ethnic diversity.

Vietnam is a small country but people are very resilient. That is why everyone wants to know what makes the people of Vietnam to fight against foreign invaders. Therefore, some historical sites in Vietnam are known as attractive destinations for foreign tourists. Some famous places like Cu Chi tunnel, temples, tombs…

Referring to the beautiful scenes in Vietnam you will have many opportunities to explore the wonderful landscape from north to south. The majestic beauty of the mountains in the north or the beautiful poetic scene of the south Vietnam. Tour to Vietnam provides many famous destinations that serve the passion of exploring the beauty of every tourist.

Vietnam travel experience from A to Z with Tour to Vietnam

Being in the autumn time with cool air in Vietnam, there are many things to come. Firt of all, you should discover Ha Giang with a beautiful flower Tam giac mach. Arriving to Ha Giang at this time you will have a chance to explore the purple Tam giac mach hills. Especially, in there visitors can also visit the plateau of Dong Van stone or the session market of the ethnic people.

The second place that is worth to explore in northern Vietnam is Sapa. It is is like the pearl of northern Vietnam - Sapa has both modern western features through architecture, and contains the character of Vietnamese people through the rice paddies.

And the thirth charming place cannot be ignored in southern Vietnam is Dalat. Dalat is a dream destination that couples want to explore. Because here are many famous places for youth such as: Dalat market, strawberry garden, tea plantation, Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake, Linh An pagoda…

There are still many attractive destinations that travelers should explore on their own when coming to Vietnam. Sky Travel is always a reliable companion for all visitors.

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